Outlook Attachment Limit | Hotmail Email Attachment Limit

The storage space is becoming very cheaper and easier to find these days. Due to which we can’t send email with several Hotmail email attachment limit within it . And also due to massive no. of users that have free email account with the more popular free email providers i.e. Hotmail email, yahoo, gmail etc. these email service providers need to implement restriction on the size of files that are being attached to messages, and apparently the files that are sent along with email attachment limit with mail are stored on email servers. Due to certain limitation Hotmail has created a restriction on the file so that one can’t upload or send the file which exceed Hotmail Attachment limit. But, Hotmail have one advantage that it has unlimited mail storage. outlook 2016 attachment size limit.


However Hotmail has come up with its new feature call Sky Drive. It is integrated with the Hotmail inbox so you can share files, not attachments.

With Sky Drive, it’s easy to share files securely and easily with your friends or coworkers. They won’t need to install any special programs or sign up for a new account, and they can use any web browser to get to the files you share with them. And you have control—your files will only be shared with the people you choose. And photos and files with a link or email without taking up space in the inbox. Instead of running into size limits for email attachments, you can email a link to photo albums or any other file on Sky Drive. (Files can be up to 2 GB in size, depending on how you upload them. But within the last record of May 9, 2012 users of the free Hotmail email service, Hotmail attachment size limit are able to add file up to 25MB in size.

Note: It doesnt mean you can add multiple 25 MB file to one email message. And you should also consider the message that you are sending with the attachment for e.g. if your message include numerous attached image with your email then your attachment size is going to be restricted by the size of the message including the embedded images. So if you exceed the given size then it will pop up the message by saying “Oops, you’re over the 25 MB attachment limit. If you’d like you can send this file as an online file instead “

And Hotmail email size limit is that the regular hotmail account can send upto 50 attachments with a total of 10MB per message.

People consider as it’s the problem of their PC or the browser they are using but be aware this not the problem you facing genuinely because it’s the Hotmail which that have limited the uploading of file. But if you want unlimited space then you can use Sky Drive which an upgraded and attached feature of Hotmail which just work as i Cloud.

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